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Images & Creative Assets

We’ve created a folder with all the brand assets, photography and screenshots for your convenience. You can download it here.

About Opal

Read more about us from Opal’s Website, especially the About Us section. You can also find Opal on the App Store.

Contact Information

For more information or press inquiries, please contact:

Kenneth Schlenker, CEO

[email protected]


[January 24 2021] Press Release: Welcome to Opal, your Digital Wellbeing Assistant 💎

[22 septembre 2022, 12h00] Lancement officiel en France et en Belgique: Opal lance une nouvelle application Temps d’écran d’Apple pour aider 1 milliard de personnes à mieux se concentrer, en temps réel.

[September 15 2022] Opal Launches New Screen Time App to Help 1 Billion People Focus Better, in Real-Time.

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